Almost missed November! Life is making it nearly impossible to blog. Or do other things I care about.

Anticipating...Seeing my sister and her husband for Christmas. Also their puppy.
Cooking...Nothing. How depressing. I started a new job and I had to retire my seven on/seven off schedule. I'm learning to create a work/life balance but it's been a struggle thus far. How do normal people make time for things besides work? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Enjoying...My morning cup of coffee.
Learning...I'm capable of way more than I have ever given myself credit. Things I used to be so scared to even think about are becoming second nature to me. It's crazy.

Reading...You're Already Amazing by Holley Girth.
Wanting...A new jacket. It's cold.
Watching...Mostly just Alfred Hitchcock Presents on netflix. I only have 2 episodes left.

What are you into this November?