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Meal One: Italian Meatloaf with Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Roasted Green Beans

Week One of the Daniel Plan Recap

I promised to do an update, hopefully a weekly one, for the duration of 40 Days of the Daniel Plan. So here is week one! It's been exactly one week of clean eating, nothing to drink aside from coffee and water. I'm not doing the detox, but my sister and her husband are doing it and they are killing it!!

Starting Weight: 177
Current Weight: 171
Total Weight Loss: 6 pounds
Starting BMI: 26
Current BMI: 25.2

Taking Control of Our Thoughts

In general, we tend to focus a great deal on our words. We (at least most people, at most times) try to be careful of what words we say to others. We sometimes even spend significant amounts of time grieving over words we said, that we wish we didn't. Most of the time, we worry about things we have said, but care very little about our thoughts.

I wonder why this is: why do we give so much regard to our words, but we don't execute the same amount of concern to our thoughts?

Daniel Plan Approved Grocery Haul

As the previous post explained, I am starting the Daniel Plan this week. So after evaluating my current "status" and goal setting, what comes next? Well, obviously, filling the kitchen with healthful options. So, I woke up early this morning, took inventory of what I already had that was healthy and Daniel Plan approved, got my shopping list ready and went to Wal-Mart.

Now, Wal-Mart wouldn't be my first option. If there was a Kroger or Aldi anywhere within 20 minutes of my house, that would be my first option. There is an Aldi about 25 minutes from home, but they weren't open yet and I really needed a lot of staple items I didn't think they would have. (You might be asking yourself why I didn't have some staple items, such as corn starch or olive oil. Dude, I just moved into my house two weeks ago and I can count on two fingers how many times I've cooked. Bear with me.)

I knew that shopping all organic and buying so much produce and meat would add up rather quickly. I was prepared for my total to be upwards of $200. It was $164. While I was somewhat relieved it wasn't $200, $164 is a lot for groceries for a single person for one week. But like I said, a few of these items were staples.

Here's what I got:
Disclaimer: The cat was not included in today's purchase. He was here before that. 

Doing the Daniel Plan

It's gonna get real today, guys. Why? Because I'm talking honestly and candidly about weight.

Weight has never been a struggle for me. Around age 12, I was "chubby",  had my share of baby fat but shortly after I got braces, I lost a lot of weight. Since then, I've always been healthy-appearing. I've never had remarkable physical strength or cardiovascular strength when it comes to working out. I've always tired easily and been one to give up when it got too hard. Last year, my doctor started me on anxiety medication for my severe social anxiety. (I'm talking vomiting every morning before work.) As I took this medication, my weight rapidly increased. I noticed I felt hungry all the time. I started eating junk food multiple times a day. I gained around 40 pounds in just a few short months. It's been about 6 months since I quit taking the medication, yet the weight is hanging on. And I'm miserable.

I'm so distant from God. I never talk to Him, never take my concerns to Him. I don't go to church regularly, and rarely read my Bible.
I'm so distant from myself and others. I have a very negative self perception because I'm very unhappy with how I look and how I feel. This translates into me staying home almost every night, rarely going out, and rarely having a desire to go out.
I eat horribly and have no energy to exercise. These probably go hand in hand. But I rarely eat healthily and I have been walking this week, but before this week, I've been fairly sedentary.

All of these are points addressed in the Daniel Plan

So, starting today, I'm participating. If you wanna know more about it, check out the website by clicking here.

So what is the Daniel Plan? Well, I'm not a good paraphraser, so here's an excerpt from the official website for ya:
The Daniel Plan is a groundbreaking healthy lifestyle program founded on biblical principles and focused on The Essentials: Faith, Food, Fitness, Focus and Friends. The program offers an innovative approach to achieving a healthy lifestyle where people get better together by optimizing their health in each of these life areas. Each essential supports and influences the others, offering a practical step-by-step approach for anyone to follow. 
I bought the book about a year ago, read it, but put no action to it. Thought, Wow, those verses ARE in the Bible and they are totally relevant! Nobody ever teaches this in the church. Yet, nothing changed for me. 

New 101 List, oh, and btw. I'm not dead.

It's been a minute since I've posted. Life has been a little hectic lately. SPOILER ALERT, I'm moving. To my OWN house. Sooo crazy. I'm so behind and I want to do a real "life update", maybe I'll do one later in the week. But I wanted to share my new 101 in 1,001 days list. I completed the other (timewise, not listwise. There were a few things I didn't complete, such as make white bean hummus. REALLY? I thought that was so easy...hah. Oops.) Anyway, the link is in the navi bar, if you want to check it out. Happy November!

Currently | July 2016

Anticipating...A visit to see my sister, her husband, and their fur child.
Cooking...I haven't really been trying any new recipes, but that's about to change. I signed up for GatheredTable, so I'm ready. I've gotta get serious about a health change.
Enjoying...Just not being at work.
Feeling...So tired of dealing with people. I just need a month long get away.

Learning...You guys. This month has been a hard one. People have caused me so much stress. I think the most important lesson I've learned is that most people don't care. They will always run their mouths. Most people just talk to hear themselves talk. I'm still learning to not care what others think. Why do we have to be wired to want to please others?!

Listening...Needtobreathe's and Switchfoot's new jams.

Reading...Nothing, at the moment. I need to get back in the reading groove.
Wanting...August 1st to arrive! GMM, I've missed you beyond belief. 
Watching...I started the free trial of the Starz add-on for Prime, so I've got Inside Out, Big Hero 6, and many other movies lined up to watch!

Currently | June 2016

Anticipating...Less than a month away until Disney World! Woohoo!

Cooking...I haven't been cooking much at all lately, but I need to get back in the kitchen. Any easy recipes I need to try?

Enjoying...My new puppy, Charley! <3

Feeling...Pretty good. Goal setting and stuff; feeling a bit more motivated.

Learning...How awesome the library is. I forgot since I had been buying ebooks so often, but wow. Having fun isn't hard, when you've got a library card. Free books?! Yes, please.

Listening...Switchfoot! Their new music is awesome. Can't wait for their new CD!

Reading...Animal Farm by George Orwell.

Wanting...The humidity level to decrease.

Watching...Nothing. I've finished Law and Order:SVU and I can't find anything to keep my interest since. Can I get some recommendations?

Currently | May 2016

Anticipating...My friend, Krystle, and I are planning a trip to Disney in July! I'm soo excited to walk the streets of Magic Kingdom again. I've missed it so much.
Enjoying...Having time off again. I forgot how nice it is to have weeks off at a time. 
Feeling...Disappointed at how many snacks I eat when I'm at home. I need a detox.
Learning...If I'm planning to workout, I better do it first thing in the morning. Or it ain't gonna happen.
Listening...Mostly just Needtobreathe's few new songs. Loving them.

Reading...The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson.
Wanting...Relief for my headaches. The doctor diagnosed me with migraines earlier this week and I've had a constant headache since Thursday. I'm miserable.
Watching...Law and Order: SVU. Still.

Tuna Pasta Salad | Recipe

This recipe is everything I enjoy: easy, quick, filling, AND fresh! It can be served warm or cold. It's perfect for this time of year.

Tuna Pasta Salad
this recipe makes about 2 hearty servings

2 cups of farfelle pasta
1 can of albacore white tuna, drained
1/3 red onion, diced
1/4 of green pepper, diced
1/2 cup of mayo
1 tbsp lemon juice
Salt and pepper to taste

1. Boil pasta and cook as directed.
2. In a mixing bowl, combine all other ingredients.
3. Drain pasta. If desired cold, rinse with cold water. Otherwise, move on to step 4.
4. Add the pasta to the mixing bowl until well mixed, then it's ready to serve!
optional: I added dried dill to make it even more flavorful.

Currently | April 2016

Anticipating...Job change. I have accepted my old job back. Yay for seven on/seven off, how I've missed you!
Enjoying...The new found energy and joy I've gained from exercising daily.
Feeling...A little bit sore. Any tips for keeping your knees pain free while dancing and running? They are starting to give me some issues.
Learning...Nothing is too big to ask of God. Tonight's message at church really hit home. My prayer life has really been a struggle over the past couple of years and I need to get it back on track.
Listening...Happiness by needtobreathe. LOVE IT!!!
Reading...Just received my copy of Draw the Circle by Mark Batterson. 
Wanting...To have the song "4 Minutes" by Madonna and Justin Timberlake permanently removed from my mind. It's always stuck in my head...WHY!?!
Watching...I'm trying to cut down on my TV. But I'm still binging on Law and Order:SVU.

Has April been a good month for you?

Currently | March 2016

Anticipating...Going to the Body exhibit at the McWane Center with Krystle next week!
Enjoying...The warmth and newness of spring. I always forget how much I love it until it arrives. Of course, the pollen is killer...but so much beauty is out there!
Feeling...Rejuvenated after a walk/run I just did. I achieved my 30 minutes! It's not much but it's something and I'm proud of it.
Learning...To not give up.
Listening...Judah & the Lion's new album, Folk Hop Sound. 

Reading...Mindy Kaling's, Is Everyone Hanging out Without Me?
Wanting...Something sweet. And that would be something I don't need.
Watching...Season 14 of Law and Order: SVU.

What are you liking this March?

Currently | February 2016

Anticipating...I have another concert coming up in March- Judah & the Lion! LOVE them. Also, March promises to be a fun month. 
Cooking...I subscribed for a free 14-day trial of emeals.com. I've been sticking to the recipes for the two meals I've prepared this week. The first was White Bean and Kale Soup. I wasn't too impressed with this one. But last night's Seared Chicken with Balsamic Braised Mushrooms was the bomb! Next time (and there will be a next time) I make this, I'll photograph and share the recipe. Tonight Philly Cheesesteak Stuffed Peppers are on the menu. How do you guys feel about meal planning and how do you do it?
Enjoying...The warmer weather, although warm weather in February means tornadoes in Alabama. I'm just ready for spring...
Feeling...Kinda blah. 4 days of consecutive rain will do that to ya, I guess.
Learning...You shouldn't like a television show on FB if you aren't caught up. You'll get spoilers. I'm looking at you, The Walking Dead.

Reading...Below Stairs by Margaret Powell
Wanting...My hair to GROW. It seems to be at a standstill.
Watching...Watching season 10 of Criminal Minds.

What are you into this month?

52 Lists | Ways to Love Others

Convenient that this prompt is right before Valentine's Day, right?

Bake someone cookies.
Buy the person's coffee that is in line behind you.
Do something without being asked. This can be as simple as washing the dishes or buying someone's lunch without expecting a reward.
Donate things you don't use to someone who will use them.
Write a note telling someone how important they are to you, for no reason.
Send an encouraging card to someone. 
Commit to sharing only positive things on social media.
Say "I'm sorry" when you need to.
LISTEN instead of speaking.
Be affectionate. I don't mean in a creepy way...but hug someone (preferably someone you know).

The best way I know to share love is soo cliche, but treat others as you want to be treated. So think of the way you wish others would act and commit to be the person you want to be around!

52 Lists | What You Are Grateful For

rainy mornings
warm coffee

And so many more things that slipped my mind. What are you grateful for?

Currently | January 2016

I almost missed my currently post for January, but I made it just in time! Here's what I'm into this month.
anticipating...warmer weather. Today was around 60 degrees and it was perfect.
enjoying...watching reruns of Scrubs with my dad. 
feeling...pretty happy with how things are. I'm not where I want to be but I'm working towards getting there.
learning...eating out is so expensive. 
listening...favorite songs of January: Air I Breathe by Mat Kearney and Dark Matter by Andrew Belle.
reading...Keep It Shut by Karen Ehman
wanting...a chai tea latte would be delightful.
watching...season 3 of Blue Bloods and season 2 of Scrubs. 

52 Lists | Current goals & dreams

Move out of my parents' house.
Create a decent work/life balance.
Thrive, not just survive.
Clean up my diet. 
Start taking my lunch to work.
STOP gossiping.
Get involved in a church.
Pay off my credit cards.
NEVER make anyone feel less important than my cellphone.
Create and maintain a capsule wardrobe.

What are your current goals?

52 Lists | Things I am Proud of

I've traveled alone.
I graduated x-ray school AND passed the registry.
I, for the most part, have stayed true to my morals/standards.
I am kind and listen to others.
I put other people before myself.
I am capable of more than I thought.
I have accepted that I don't need a man. 
I am a quick learner.
I've read the Bible in it's entirety.
I'm not a quitter.
I am continuing to grow every day.

What things have you accomplished bring you pride?

52 Lists | Greatest Comforts

warm drinks
acoustic music
pajama pants
listening to Drew Holcomb or Ben Rector
fuzzy blankets
clean linens
the smell of coffee
family time

What spells out comfort to you?

52 Lists | Words that Touch the Soul


What words touch your soul?