Fifty Two Weeks: Week Three

Ah, the week I've been dreading. The third week, the week that suggest I submit myself to some type of physical activity. I shudder at my level of inactivity. I started wearing my pedometer again last week and I barely reach 4,000 steps a day. And I'm just tired after work. Let the excuses begin! I KNOW I need to implement change in this area. The issue is self discipline and requiring myself to take action. So this week, I'm going to make myself opt for the further parking space, I'm going to try to take Charley for walks and just add some activity into my life.

As far as the mental change, I'm supposed to smile more. I already do a lot of smiling, but I'm going to make a conscious effort this week to add more humor into my life, by looking at the humor tab on pinterest for a few minutes each day or watching some Graham Norton.

Fifty Two Weeks: Week Two

Week one was successful in both aspects. I maintained consistency in both my water intake and journaling! Week two should be pretty easy because I already do both of these things. Sleep is my one true love and music is my vice. I have a few issues though. I get in the bed by like 7:00 most nights, no joke. I lay there and eat and watch TV until I can't hold my head up anymore. So my goal is to stay out of the bed until 9:00 and then use it only for sleeping. I can read, listen to music (since that is my other goal), and just relax. Clear my mind for a restful night. 

Today I finally visited Faith Community Fellowship. I enjoyed it a lot. His message was different- it was more a lesson. He told what Atheists believe and then discussed how the church has sent so many people running from the faith. Our call as Christians is to be LIKE Christ and the church has, sadly, fallen so far away from that call. I'm definitely interested to hear the rest of this series. And I'm super proud that I visited a church alone. So scary for me, but I faced that anxiety and did it!

In other accomplishments, I set aside time yesterday to make a complete menu for the week and went grocery shopping today. Tonight I made BBQ Chicken Quesadillas, which were AMAZING. Excited to get in the kitchen and do more cooking this week. Yesterday I also finally took the time to breakdown all the boxes in my sun room and get them to the recycling bin. I then moved my recliner into the sun room and I've been in here the majority of today. Love it! 

Anyway, I'm not ready to meet the week but I better get there because it's quickly approaching. So here's to a week of REST and a week of MUSIC.

Fifty Two Weeks: Week One

So I'm restarting this challenge. Again.

This weeks goals are to drink more water and start journaling. I'll readily admit, I SUCK at both of these. So let's get it.

I was doing fantastically at my water intake, but at some point, I started welcoming soda and sweet tea back into my life, like the prodigal son. I hate using public restrooms (I have a shy bladder. F'reals) so this makes it hard to drink a lot of water when I work. But now I work 25 days a month, so it's not realistic to "not use the work bathroom". I have to get over it and drink my darn water.

And on keeping a journal, I've always struggled with this. I have read benefits but I have never stuck to it long enough to reap any said benefits. This time I'm using an app on my iPhone to see if that helps. Surely the ease of it will detract from my excuses, at least a little.

So my goal for week one is to consume 64 ounces of water daily and journal for 10 minutes every other day.